Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Violet Hour

The sky overhead looms with helium-balloon clouds, threatening rods of rain one minute and spilling golden pools of sunshine the next. I shut my eyes and I am on a rooftop in a New York twilight with my sister, sipping a cocktail I made especially…

It’s made with my current favourite soft option (sorry elderflower, but take a break), violet cordial; an acquired taste that reminds me of my grandmother’s penchant for violet creams from Fortnum’s. In your early evening tipple, a splosh of this will add a little extra garden to the botanical notes gin lends and goes extremely well in a vodka and tonic too…or at any time with sparkling water, fresh from the Soda Stream.

I can’t think of a better reason to bring on summer… and wonder if Jay Gatsby would approve.

The Violet Hour

The measurements are up to you (it’s a party after all)but you need:

1 dash Monin violet cordial
1 shot Absolut Citron, vodka or gin
Tonic water

Violet Hour

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