Thursday, 29 December 2011

Food by email – a new Dukan for 2012?


On the first day of Christmas,
My step-mum sent to me,
A food postcard* from Mi-a-mi…

Miami beach

*from the 10-course tasting menu she and my dad were treated to on Christmas Eve.

It looked seriously good so I thought I would post it up here. Believe it or not, it was not produced by a restaurant, but by a very talented and consummate host with a demanding day job (which, surprisingly, is not working as a top chef). A Montreal-born Sicilian, it is his family tradition to eat late into the night on Christmas Eve. Those are the only details you’re getting – and don’t even think of asking for his address.

Think of it as a Christmas present: a feast for the eyes, without the calories. (This is the only time you will ever read anything about diets or calories on here, promise.)Their night started young and gradually got older and rounder, finally dropping off its perch at around 3.30am so please forgive them if the order looks awry. I also blame indigestion - theirs not mine.

Even the menu was edible; a cube sandwich of liver pate and fig compote covered with edible paper. WOW.

2nd course 

A starter dish of a Caprese salad based on an iceberg melting

3rd course 

Snails stuffed with nuts…

4th course

Foie gras crepe milkshake with mascarpone Cointreau cream and blueberry port reduction

5th course

Stone crab and lobster Martini (bisque)

6th course

Meatball cupcake with Pecorino cream

7th course

Nigiri in a hickory-smoke-filled snowglobe…


(That’s a very pretty hand towel. I don’t think they ate it...)

9th course

Frozen Asian pear and Stilton with black truffle

8th course

Smokin’ Cubano pulled pork ‘cigar’. Always think twice about licking the ashtray…(unless like here they are sesame seeds)

beef wellington

Individual Beef Wellingtons…in honour of the English guests


Tiramisu with chocolate mousse in handmade chocolate cups

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