Monday, 20 September 2010

Wagyu very much

P1070774 After goodness knows how many roast beefs I’ve had in my life, this one rather spoke for itself.

P1070779 After much deliberation over the menu, we served the roasted meat as simply as possible, accompanied by duck fat roast potatoes, greens and carrots. The word(..) melty punctuated the groans of pleasure and as for the fat - it was so flavoursome even Jack Spratt would’ve converted. And of course, there was that gravy…

We followed this up with a winner of a Mark Hix recipe: autumn fruits macerated in Sloe Gin atop a good blob of rice pudding. After this kind of eating, there was only one strategy: it was to be danced off until dawn.


The leftovers (we couldn’t believe our luck) were the stuff of dreams. And doorstop sandwiches, Thai noodle soups…



  1. Never bought wagyu... is it dreadfully expensive? I usually splash out on rib of beef for roasting but just regular British beef not wagyu!

  2. Hi Kavey - 'tis pretty spenny but for a special occasion I reckon a smaller cut of this stuff is amazing :)